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Why Use a Cash Advance?

No matter how well you manage your money, it only takes one emergency expense to quickly derail all of your financial plans. A cash advance can help you to cover unexpected expenses, avoid costly late fees, and relieve your financial worries.

By submitting an application with us, you will have access to a huge network of lenders who are competing to help you. We will use your application to match you with the best lender for your own unique financial situation.

* There may be instances where a match cannot be made

Common Uses:

  • Vehicle repairs
  • Medical emergencies
  • Household expenses
  • Past-due bills

How it Works:

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* There may be instances where a match cannot be made

Interest Rates & Fees

Our lenders may offer you a loan with an APR between 390% and 780%

A 14-day $200 loan with interest and fees of $30 charged is an example of a loan with a 390% APR. The simple interest rate on this loan, however, is 15%. The APR is a measure of the interest one would pay if a loan was rolled over continually for the duration of a full year, which is not permitted by most state laws.

If you do not pay your loan according to its terms, your lender may:
  • Charge you late fees
  • Send your account to a collection agency
  • Report your information to a consumer reporting agency, which may negatively affect your credit score
  • Offer to renew, extend, or refinance your loan, which may cause you to incur additional fees, charges and interest

Please refer to our Rates & Terms page for more information.

Why Us?

When life throws you a financial curveball, a cash advance could be the best option to quickly cover your expenses and pay your bills on time. CashAdvancer specializes in matching you with a lender who can best help with your unique financial situation. Our application process is simple, quick, and secure so you can spend less time worrying and get back to what really matters.

How Does it Work?

Applying for a cash advance is easy with CashAdvancer. Simply log on to our site and fill out our quick, easy-to-complete form. We will then use your application to match you with a lender who can best help with your financial needs. If approved, your money will be deposited directly into your bank account. Your loan usually must be repaid within a few days of receiving your next paycheck.

What's a Cash Advance?

A cash advance is a small, short-term loan meant to help cover expenses between paychecks. Borrowers can be approved for between $100 - $1000 to help them pay off expenses such as medical emergencies, utility expenses, or overdue bills. A cash advance is often a viable alternative to high surcharges or late fees.

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